Large Canvas Prints For Business

Commercial & Industrial Applications For Large Studio Framed Canvas Prints


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By placing large studio framed canvas prints in strategic positions around your premises showing your products or services, not only are your premises enhanced but, all of your customers and visitors will get an immediate insight in to your business.


Large canvas prints can be used to display:


  • Your products
  • The equipment you use
  • Projects your business is associated with
  • Services that your business offers
  • Your key staff members


In Your Home

Large studio framed canvas prints can, of course, be used very effectively in your home as well.


Size Of Studio Framed Canvas Prints

Canvas Printing Perth can produce studio framed canvas prints up to 1.5 metres high with the length being virtually unlimited, however a practical maximum is around 3 metres. Special heavy duty stretcher bars with reinforced strutting are used to prevent warping.


What Size Canvas Prints to Use?

If you want to make an impact we strongly recommend that you install the largest canvas prints possible in the space available. If required, we will come to your premises and provide you advice in this regard, free of charge.


Also see our studio framed panoramic canvas prints and montages.


Scenic Canvas Prints

Some businesses do not have a product to display E.G. an accountant. In this case, scenic canvas prints can be used to enhance this type of business premises. If you are a photographer, your own photographs could be used for this purpose.


Businesses That Can Use Large Canvas Prints

  • Architecture and building
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Service industries
  • Real estate
  • And many more...
  • Engineering - mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical
  • Mining and mining services
  • Medical services
  • Restaurants
  • Transport


Using Canvas Prints for Promotions


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